Friday, 26 March 2010

The (Not So) Wild Things

The strangest thing happened to me when I was getting dressed this morning. As I put the tunic on, this unexpected little thought somehow found its way into my mind: "Isn't this thing a bit too much for the office?" I had to laugh at myself in disbelief. Why would I think something like that? Who cares if it's "too much" (whatever this means)! Actually, we love a bit of "too much", don't we?

Well, having that concern only meant another reason for wearing the ... thing. Like Vanessa put it so well, "self doubt and little bit of fear are the EXACT reasons to buy something" and "it’s exciting to step outside of yourself and try new things. So what if it’s a little weird or scary? It’s FUN!"

Eventually, I received compliments on the tunic at work, so I'm guessing it wasn't really that weird.

(tunic: Promod - black dress, bag: H&M - leggings: Dorothy Perkins - belt: C&A)

(badass ring: from a market in Thailand)


Ljubica said...

very cool ring and that tunic is fabulous!

Marian said...

that tunic is lovely honey

MARTA said...

love your style too babe!

Eva Ana said...

pa zakaj maš tok lepe noge :/