Tuesday, 23 March 2010


Hello again, darlings! Missed me much? :P

Well, I'm obviously back from my wonderful trip to Thailand and not too happy about it. The weather (again with the weather, LOL - but it has so much impact on me it's unbelievable) was disgusting here in Ljubljana yesterday: cloudy and foggy, with occasional showers, so everything looked grey and utterly depressing. Work is not making me jump for joy either. Whenever I come back to the office after a great holiday, it seems even more boring and annoying than usually until I've adjusted to it again. Oh, and I'm also PMS-ing hard. And I'm hungry. At least I compensated for not-so-good sleeping on planes and airports with crazy amounts of sleep in my dear bed.

Anyways ... I still got quite some stuff to attend to before things get back to their usual course, but then I promise to get back to full-time blogging. (I really missed it!) You can expect a short & sweet report from Thailand (outfits included, d0h) and I was also thinking about a giveaway, so make sure to check back soon! =)

(dress, leggings, bag: H&M - jacket: Bershka - booties: Funky Shoes - necklace: Forever 21)


nihrida said...

Oh, you were in Thailand?! How did I miss that... I always feel like crap when I get home from vacation (even if it wasn't that good). Sometimes I feel homesick, but then, when I come home, I just want to go back where I came from. =) Never happy. =))))
Welcome back! Can't wait to see your Thailand post.

Style of a Fashionista said...

Hey welcome back and what a stunning outfit post love the leggings xoxo

Enchanted Gardens said...

Welcome back babe! Missed you and yeah, I can imagine how are you feeling now cos I always feel like crap when I'm back home, especially from somewhere so different...


Great looks and awesome tights!