Tuesday, 9 February 2010


Guess what? The fucking winter bitch got to me again. I caught a fucking cold, so I'm on sick leave. Usually this means DIY jewelry time, but this time I'm not in the mood. I'm too busy bitchin' about the snow, spending lots of time with Holden Caulfield (I'm pretty sure the two of us would get along great - if he was real, that is) and creating "sets" (as they call them) on Polyvore. I used to think it was kinda stupid, but now I'm really having some fun with it. Hey, you know what would be a fun feature they could add on the website? Sending you all the stuff you used in the "sets" for free! (That would be especially fun for Polyvore, they'd probably go bankrupt in ten minutes or something.) 'Cause it just makes me want more stuff. Most of it is off limits for me anyway, but I just gotta get my hands on that polka dot quilted bag from TopShop!

out of the blue

miss lady

lacey stacey


kelsealaurel said...

MMm! All the things you picked out are to die for!!! I would wear any of those outfits in a heartbeat!!!! =)

Hope you feel better soon... Spring is just around the corner... I seriously can't wait!


Anna said...

Great picks. I'm dying for the Jimmy Choo sandals but they cost a fortune!!!

Elaine said...

I'ms o sorry you're sick! I hope you feel better soon! I'm loving these polyvore outfits though. These are fab!


Eri said...


Just came across your blog and it's great!

Please come and visit mine too.

Hope to see you soon.

Style of a Fashionista said...

Hope you feel better soon.

Great outfit choices my favorite is the second one xoxo

Lianne said...

nice sets! i'd love to pull off set 3. get well soon :)


Enchanted Gardens said...

hahaha, winter bitch :D
i will use that A LOT in my everyday bitchin', if you don't mind :)
we should write a petition for polywore (lovely idea :)) - give a dress to poor blogger who makes money for ya'.
i would demand everything from set 3 and 4 :D

un petit lapin said...

Haha, if only Polyvore would send out the clothes used in the sets... that would be amazing!

drsalka™, the raver said...

ej tisto modro krilo na 2. sliki, ti lahko zasijem i think :)