Saturday, 20 February 2010

The Emperor's New Clothes

Everything I'm wearing in this photo has been seen here before. Much like in the case of the emperor from Andersen's tale, my new clothes are ... well, non-existent. Not that I'm complaining though, it's fun trying to create new looks with old clothes.

(shirt, necklace: Promod - cardigan: H&M - blazer, shorts: Zara - leggings, boots: C&A)

Lovely Unwritten awarded me with this:

The rules:
1. Thank the blogger who has nominated you for this award.
2. Put the award on your blog.
3. Give the link of the person's blog who has given you this award.
4. Share 7 interesting facts about yourself.
5. Nominate 7 other people for the Beautiful Blogger Award.

So, here are my 7 random facts:
  1. My favorite fashion blogs are the ones with personal outfit photos. I don't care much about catwalk pics etc., I can see those elsewhere.
  2. I used to have some problems with my skin (it was quite greasy with clogged pores and occasional breakouts) until I found a great Slovenian beauty site Planet lepote (meaning "the planet of beauty") and started following their advice. I learned a helluva lot about skin care (which ingredients are good/bad for the skin, that you should always use UV protection and which the most common skin care myths are - I might write about it one day) and made new friends there. I really recommend the site but it's only in Slovene; if you don't understand it, you can always ask me for free skin care advice =)
  3. I loooove to eat! Of course, it has to be tasty and free of dead animals or their parts (I've been vegetarian for almost 3 years now). My boyfriend spoils me with amazing dishes he makes; he really is a natural talent (and he jokingly calls me fatso).
  4. I don't have a favorite fashion designer. This might seem strange to some, considering I'm a fashion blogger and all, but I'm not so much into being obsessed with one person's work. I prefer to choose the best from various.
  5. If I had to choose my element, it would definitely be water. It's unbelievably relaxing to me to be around rivers and I adore the sea.
  6. My obsession with ducks arises from my nickname Ducky that was given to me by two of my classmates in elementary school, although I still don't know why they started calling me that.
  7. I prefer to stand out in the crowd rather then blend in. Who would have thought :D
To nominate some bloggers, I've chosen randomly from the ones whose outfits have been inspiring me lately:


Lianne said...

i know how you feel. its so tough to create new looks with what you have!

love the ring :)

Style of a Fashionista said...

Thank you for the award.

Loved reading your 7 facts we have a few things in comon the skin mine was very bad when I was young I have scarring now from it
Also I too prefer outfit blogs as like you I can see catwalk pictures elsewhere xoxo

Mila said...

Love your blazer!!!

Zanah said...

Congrats on the award and thx for thinking of my basic blog !! We have 1, 2 & 7 in common :) Mon Mode Blog

Style Bird said...

Thank you so much for the award!! I love the sea too. xoxo ava

pea said...

how interesting and of course thanks for the award!
so sweet!
luckily now I have internet so I can see it... Thank you!

Steffani Alix said...

i love that ring! makes such a statement

Ljubica said...

love those shorts & the ring! they're gorgeous!
i'd love to see ljubljana! i was there 2 years ago, but only for a few hours at the train station :( i've heard it's very beautiful though
PS: congratulations on the award!

The Village Idiot said...

love this look!!! Thats an awesome ring!!!

Elaine said...

LOVE the blazer! Congrats on the award! Fully deserved :)

Fashion Pix said...

I love the shorts, nice outfit and congrats with the award!

The Sound of Lace said...

love that plaid shirt! congrats on the award!

thanks for visiting me, come back soon!


I am so crazy about shorts and tights like this!