Saturday, 23 January 2010

The White Stripes

(top, hat: Zara - coat: TopShop)

dZihan & Kamien - Smile

Every morning I wake up
I hear the clock ticking away, ticking away, ticking away

Today, sunny day, sunny day, sunny day
In my heart, everyday, sunny day

No rain is falling down my face again
I will let no rain fall down my face again

Cause I feel like...
Cause today is like...

So I smile
So... So I smile


kelsealaurel said...

Such cute boots. And I love the hat... I would never be able to pull off something like that!!! How do you do it?? lol =)

katie d said...

hat, coat, top, black skinny jeans... I'm obsessed with this look. I'd wear it in a second, probably with some really high heeled thing, since I love being a giant beanpole


alter muffin said...

Črte + klobuček = zelo luštno:)

Mary Jane said...

wow! love all the outfits in your blog! im defenatelly following!
follow me back? :)