Friday, 1 January 2010


Hey people, new year is here! Wow, everything's totally different than yesterday, wow! Everything is so... new! Wow, new year! 2010, wow! [sarcasm off]

No really, I'm just totally fucking happy all the euphoric new year bullshit is finally over. Life can go back to normal for another year now. Spring is a bit closer and days are getting longer. I really miss the sun.

But first things first. I promised to announce the giveaway winner by the end of 2009 but kinda didn't manage to do so. So, here goes... I gathered together all the entries, the followers via Blogger got two, and had my boyfriend close his eyes and do the drawing to make it as fair as possible. And the winner is...

Is this the smallest giveaway in history of giveaways or what? :D

Congrats, darling! Wear the hell outta those earrings! =)

As far as yesterday is concerned, my boyfriend and I had decided long ago to boycott NYE, but then some friends showed up and we had a spontaneous little party which was totally fine by me as well. I didn't have the energy to get all dressed up though so I just took it easy. Here are some horribly grainy pics - gotta learn more Photoshop this year!

My boyfriend pointed out how my fingers looked like they were artificial on this photo, like they were made of plastic or something. Pretty cool, huh? =)

(skirt: H&M - belt: Zara - earrings: ASOS - nails: OPI Dutch Tulips)

As annoying as all this new year stuff is to me, it does offer an opportunity of a "fresh start". If you've been wanting to change something in your life or take up something new, the time is now! And I don't mean make resolutions, I mean action! However, I do have some goals set for this year; for example, I really want to get a DSLR camera ASAP! And to travel somewhere (still not decided where to go this year, my dear's thinking Venezuela while I'm currently obsessing with Australia). Oh, and to start my own part-time business. And to earn (or steal :D) my first million. OK, I'm bullshitting now. But it would be fucking nice. =)

Anyways, here's some advice for two-oh-one-oh. Not that I'm some expert on life and I don't wanna be a smart-ass either, I just wanna share some insight that I feel can be really helpful, not only when the times get tough, but generally in life:
  • Don't blame others for your fuck-ups, but don't wallow in guilt either. Take responsibility, embrace the fuck-up and try to do everything in your power to make things right.
  • Be nice to others, but don't be stupid. If you let people walk all over you, that's exactly what they're gonna do.
  • Be honest. Usually, the hardest part is being honest to yourself, but it's a skill everybody should master in some point of life, the sooner the better. Don't be afraid to admit things to yourself; often the truth really is the one that sets you free. Don't pretend to be something you're not to please people and don't do things for the sake of others; at the end of the day, yourself is the only one you really have to live with.
  • Don't take things, including yourself, too seriously. Learn to take it easy, laugh it off and say "fuck it" when nothing else can be done.
  • And for fuck's sake, people, talk to each other! It can work wonders sometimes.
I wish you all the best!


Style Bird said...

I love this look..perfect skirt! Happy New Year!

nihrida said...

How long are your legs!? They go aaaaaaal the way down to the floor. =)

densy said...

Ĩestitke zmagovalki :)

Elizabeth Marie said...

You look fierce. And your fingers do look fake which is kind of amazing.

You are always tell me "I have no idea what you're talking about but I like it" hahahaha love your comments!!!!

Happy 2010 girl

Sab said...

wish u happy new year as well! ;) u look gorgeous like always!

anna bu said...

man you're so right...with everything!i totally agree!
happy new year darling!

Lianne said...

happy new year! shucks, i didn't win! can't wait for the next diy giveaway! ;p

drsalka™, the raver said...

such a cute combo! loves it!

Eva Ana said...

ooo kako lepo.. jez mam tud to kiklo :D jo bom jutr oblekla!