Saturday, 16 January 2010

Epic Fail

Yesterday's attempt at producing some new photos failed miserably, so I can only show you the bottom part of the outfit. Maybe we can make a game out of it: try to guess what I was wearing "upstairs"! =)

(shorts: Promod - socks: H&M - bag: Accessorize - boots, ring: ASOS)

I'd been thinking about last year a bit more and as the compulsive-obsessive list maker that I am, I'll just ... you know, make a list.

2009 low points:
  • My beloved cat passed away after almost 16 years of beautiful moments together. I was devastated and still miss her so much. I'm not a fan of words with religious connotations, but I could say we were truly blessed to have her.
  • Depression just wasn't ready to leave me alone yet, and not just me, also some other people close to me. I was often feeling numb, helpless, aimless, anxious, sick and tired of it all... (But eventually, I decided to fight it.)
  • My boring, routine, unsatisfying job. Not only things weren't getting much better, they even deteriorated to the point where I was pondering quitting. I probably would have already if I didn't have some great coworkers.
2009 high points:
  • The trip to Mexico and Florida with my boyfriend. "Amazing" sums it up just perfectly!
  • Amazing summer with my loved ones, having fun and not worrying about anything.
  • Learning who I really am, what I want to do in my life and how to stay true to myself.
  • And last, but not least, 2009 also brought me my blog!


Parisky said...

Love love love love your bottom outfit! I envy you the legs ;)

I hope you will have lots of high points in 2010!

shoeless simone said...

I love the socks with the boots!

-Shoeless Simone

yolanda said...

I just have seen you are from Ljubljana. I loved this city.My boyfriend and me were in your city five years ago and it was wonderfull.
Take care

assweetasacupcake said...

this is not an epic fail, it's only a (little) fail, so don't worry :)

Ash Fox said...

amazing boots!

Mila said...

Those boots are AMAZING!!!!

deep_in_vogue said...

The socks and boots combo is absolutely fantastic! I'm sorry to hear about your cat and other problems but it's great you're concentrating on the positive times you've had during the past year!

Michaela M. said...

The bottom part looks amazing! I love your high boots and the clutch purse is gorgeous!! :-) Love it!

Enchanted Gardens said...

gosh, with those legs it doesn't matter what is going on top :)


those boots look fantastic on you.
i'm glad you are out of depression, its a tricky thing....