Monday, 18 January 2010

The Boredom Goddess

(pullover: Zara - jeggings: H&M - belt: TW - scarf: no name - rain boots: Peko)

I'm starting to feel pretty boring in those heavy knits and rain boots, but the fucking cold and snow don't give me much choice. I'm longing for warm(er) days so I can finally initiate my annual ecdysis!


kelsealaurel said...

Love the belt. I'm a belt FIEND! =) I'm also digging the necklaces under the scarf thing. I always have trouble with that. Thanks for the inspiration!

isabella thordsen said...

very nice!

vicen said...

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nuheila said...

Your outfit looks so cozy and warm.Tres chic1


bibi said...

i like the belt:)it`s fantastic

Elaine said...

I totally know what you mean... I'm so done with cold! It's inhibiting my creativity!

Damsels said...

i know what you mean , i ve been weearing nothing but jeans and shirt s for two weeks now and i dont see it changing ..b ut its only because i wake up too early to think .

you look great in that sweater dress though


very cozy!

Marisa said...

Love your belt... Is so pretty! :) ♥ Visit my jewelry blog. Hope you enjoy it. Thanks ♥

Tee Sea said...

Seriously?!? I hate the cold weather but I love winter clothes!! Probably because it allows me to wear insane amounts of black clothing, which would otherwise make me look like a goth emo chick in the warmer seasons.

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Dirty Hair Halo said...

I know, winter is getting old. Luckily though, it's been 30 degrees farenheit, (I don't know if you guys use Celsius over there) and that's "warm" for Minnesota in the winter.

Seriously. Fuck my life sometimes.

Your belt is bad to the bone, btw, a good lifter-upper to any kind of weather.


Weird typing guy gave me "Minglas" this time.

Ljubica said...

love that belt!!
i miss summer too, but it will come soon enough so enjoy the sweaters, that one looks great on you!

Lianne said...

your outfit looks so nice and cozy! love it :)

Frickys said...

I hear you on that. Winter outfits can get pretty boring when all you think is how to keep away the cold. But you did a great job with all the accessories!

P.S. Those are rad boots on the previous post!!!