Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Blazer Amazer

I set up my little photo studio in the bathroom today as the light is much better there (note to self: clean that mirror already!). I didn't actually wear that stuff to work as it's fucking winter wonderland over here, only suitable for rain boots and a pile of warm layers, but I transformed to it as soon as I got home from work-followed-by-shopping (the bold shoulder blazer is brand new, still fresh from the sales which are currently in full swing here). Putting this on made me feel like Austin Powers when he got his mojo back!

(boots: C&A - shirt: H&M for men - blazer: Zara - skirt, faux pearls ring: H&M - leaf necklace: ASOS - pearl necklace: vintage - owl necklace: from eBay)

(jade ring: from eBay - nails: OPI Nail Polish in Dutch Tulips /my fave red at the moment/)

As someone familiar with depression (BTW, I decided to fight the bitch this year with all my powers!), I realize the importance of always having something to look forward to. In that spirit (combined with my lists-making obsession), here's some stuff I'm excited about in the near future:
  • Buying a DSLR camera and making some kick-ass photos!
  • Travelling. Don't know yet where, don't even know when exactly (probably in February or March), all I know is it's going to be with my boy and that we're going to some warm, sunny, happy place!
  • Making jewelry. It used to be my no. 1 hobby, but then my inspiration ran dry, I guess. It's coming back now and it feels like funny waves, splashes of some kind. Hope I'll be able to transform that energy into earrings, necklaces etc.!
  • Making people look and feel better and eventually starting my own business based on that. If it goes well, quitting my job is the logical next step. Ooooh, that sounds so good, it's like my ultimate fantasy ;)
  • Spring and summer and sunshine and going to the seaside. I had such an amazing summer last year, the memories still have the power to make me smile.
  • Good times with people I love. Always a spirit lifter!
  • Eating macadamia nuts. Oh wait, I just did and I OD'd on the fuckers again. Hello, sick times!
P.S. On a totally unrelated note, my boyfriend makes the meanest tomato sauce on the planet. Yum yum!


Sab said...

hahaha :D your comment is surely the best one - "hottest nedr" - THANKS ! :)
I love all of your outfit - but honestly - the most beutiful is that owl necklace ! YEAP ;)

nihrida said...

Great combination! I love the shirt, skirt, leggings, boots and ring. Blazer...not so much. =) And go get that depression bitch! Slap her once in my name too!

P.S.: That necklace is awesome.

Ljubica said...

cute outfit! love that skirt!

Parisky said...

Čudovita kombinacija :) Good luck z načrti :)

kelsealaurel said...

Dude, seriously, your style is the best. I love the fem skirt with the man fashion inspired blazer and button up shirt. You're a god of outfits!

Lianne said...

love the skirt! its sale season here too and i'm going crazy! i don't have enough money to shop til i drop but that's not stopping me hahaha.

i hope you get to travel this year too! its part of my plan as well. you were right when you said we have the same goals for this year. good luck to us!

oh and the philippines is a warm, sunny place full of happy people! oh and there are a lot of really cheap but nice places to shop if you decide to come over let me know, i'll bring you aroung! ;p


Nerdic.. said...

Love the skirt! I have the same skirt!
I have the same nailpolish on today too.
X, fashionnerdic.

Fashion By He said...

great blazer, love your long legs

-He approves

scrapbook said...

hiya!!! happy happy new year!!! i love the highwaist long skirt!!! sooo pretty, xx

anna bu said...

haha, cool studio!love your skirt!


Michaela M. said...

I must say that all your outfits are great, you have great style! Keep on posting!
And thanks for visiting my blog.

EVA D. said...

Cute skirt! And thanks for your comment; I've bought the tights at Wibra. But that's unfortunally a shop which is only located in the Netherlands...

kelsealaurel said...

=) You are very welcome!!! Glad to hear it! Sometimes when I'm picking out my outfits now I think, what would Duckalicious do?! haha!

Posh said...

Love, love, love the skirt, so cute!! <3

Deveria estar estudando said...

Perfect skirt!!!