Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Wait, There's More!

Caution: Some pretty crappy photos ahead. As my Photoshop skills are somewhere between zero and 0.1, some of the pics are horrendously massacred, but I'm so anxious to show you my new bubble skirt and the funky vintage sweater I got from mom that I'll just put them up here anyway and then delete them someday and pretend they never existed.

(skirt: H&M - boots: ASOS - hat: Zara - sweater: vintage - bracelet: H&M)

I've eaten way too many macadamia nuts again and I'm feeling sick to my stomach. This had happened like a million times before so I knew I'd be sick, but I still kept eating them. My hand somehow found its way to the bag and before my mind could interfere, I was grinding those bastards with my teeth. Damn!

Oh, almost forgot: let me introduce y'all to Mr. Hat. I met him in Zara and took him home with me for not much money. Whoa, did I just make my hat sound like a cheap prostitute? Sorry, Mr. Hat, you know I love you! (Here I go again personifying clothing items. What a weirdo!)


Ljubica said...

love the outfit!
looks great!

Tomorrow said...

Love the duck theme you've got going here!
I really like your sweater and your photoshop stuff is kind of cool and surreal!
Tommorrow x

nihrida said...

This is your best outfit so far (for my taste of course). I love the skirt and the bracelet. =)

Taylor Sterling said...

great boots!

Denise said...

happy new year!

oh just gorgeous!

wishing you good health, wealth and love and beauty for 2010. cheers!

I am Denise Katipunera

Teta Bina said...

Me wants to take pictures of this outfit...love it!!!!

אדוה&לימור said...

great blog love your style :)

Dannie said...

this is sooo cuuute and pretty
perfect holiday look
loooving the bubble skirt and tights!

kelsealaurel said...

Absolutely love this outfit! Wow. I'm impressed, I feel like I'd never be able to put that together on my own. Give me your talents!!!

Dylana said...

Gorgeous skirt! Love your sweater, too!


Ash said...

I love the hat. It works so well with the feminine outfit! Also, I think you rock shorts better then anyone else I know.


M. said...

that skirt is so cute, and I love your tights alot!



so you have OD... hope it will go away soon.