Monday, 28 December 2009

Heavy Artealery

(top, denim shorts /cut off DIY/: H&M - cardigan: Wallis - leggings: Clockhouse - shoes: no name - bag: vintage from eBay)

This teal cardi, I tried it on just for fun but then I really liked it and just couldn't put it back. This happens to me too often, gotta stop "just trying things on". I took my days off this week; feels so amazing to not have to go to work. I already feel so much better, calmer, almost back to normal.

P.S. Just a reminder, my giveaway is ending tomorrow; if you wanna enter, do it now or forever hold your peace :P


Dylana said...

Love your top!

Dirty Hair Halo said...

You've got such a bangin' bod. And, liquid leggings under cutoffs, good idea.

I can almost see your face in this picture. It doesn't help when I squint, unfortunately. You're so mysterious, Ducky.


nicole said...

Yes, blogging definitely rules ;)
Thanks for your comment!

I love the stripes, denim shorts, tights and teal cardi, it all works well together. You should've bought the cardigan! If I was there shopping with you, it'd be sitting in your closet right now lol, just sayin'.

Irene said...

lepe noge! full lepe noge!