Monday, 7 December 2009

The Day Of The Greys

(coat /first photo/: Topshop - dress, leggings, necklace, gloves: H&M - blazer: Zara - bag: vintage from eBay - boots: ASOS)

I've noticed how my wardrobe has been gravitating towards the black end of the spectrum lately. Nothing against black and grey, but I need variety in my life. I promise colours in near future!

I'm in the mood for some more "talking" today, so I hope you're not one of those shallow people who ignore the text and just skip to the photos (just kidding, I do that all the time :D).

Starting this morning, I decided to try out that positive thinking crap. (Maybe calling it crap is not the best way to start ...) I managed to hold on to it for about an hour, but then I left home for work and the moment I sat in my car, I got irritated by fucking slow drivers. I tried to laugh it off, but I got mad again when I arrived to work and I couldn't park my tiny car because some people think they can just occupy all the parking space, and so my positive thinking went down the drain. It's unbelievable how cranky I get at times. Oh, and have I mentioned how much I hate christmas stuff*? Maybe "hate" is too harsh a word, but I certainly don't like it; I'm annoyed by it, to say at least. It's partially because I'm anti religion and partially because it has been so commercially abused over the years. Yeah, I'm a kind of a Grinch. Remind me to wear more green.

Another thing I hate: getting dressed in the fucking winter! In fall or spring, I just grab the blazer, step into some shoes and I'm out the door. But now, things are just crazy. I have to put on a million fucking things before I'm ready to go: the coat, the scarf or (preferably) cowl, the gloves ... Oh, and pulling my overknee-high-heeled-freakin-amazing-new-friends on takes a fucking eternity, too (love them anyways). This morning, while torturing them, I found a likeable way of wearing. I don't think I'm gonna be using it much though, I don't want my friends to get all wrinkled and stuff!

No, I'm not finished yet. Look what the cat dragged in - the Essence limited edition nail polish named Meet You In Budapest which was on my wishlist and managed to get away! Well, actually, it wasn't the cat, it was the lovely nail polish queen Nihrida who was sweet enough to share one of hers with me. Thank you dear, I adore this colour! I'm only wearing one coat on the photo but I applied it quite generously as I didn't have the time for two before my lovely coworkers arrived (yeah, I do my nails at work :D).

Another thing (since I'm obviously having a really bad case of logorrhea), I started working out on the eliptic trainer again. I have a kind of a love-hate relationship with the fucking thing, jumping it one day and loathing it the next. (That sounded a bit wrong, didn't it?) But this time, I'm determined to keep it up. (If I got a cent for every time I said that ...) Writing it here might serve as a promise, and a promise to some unknown people in the blog universe just has to be taken seriously! =)

Now imagine having almost all of this written, saving it for later and then returning to the blog only to see it disappeared ... Yeah, that just happened to me. Fuck off, Blogger! #@!%

* I do enjoy hot wine and the lights though


Dirty Hair Halo said...

You're so funny about skipping to the pics. I wouldn't do that to you. Maybe to 'Fashion Toast' or 'Karla's Closet', but not you.

So, about my lack of layering... I grew up in California(temperate) but I now live in Minnesota(fucking freezing), so the pictures I take are before I load on the sweater/jacket combo. I'm still used to warm-weathered California, so I stil like dressing like an Indie-skank. It's my forte.

Also, I have a feeling we have very similar weather, being that we have very similar latitudes. I very nerdily just googled that fact. And, yes, I absolutely hate layering too, which is why I've written it off.

Thanks for putting up with my sudden rant, Grinch. And, have a great day in your new 'Meet You In Budapest'. XO

Chasing Cherries said...

Nice outfit!! Love the legging, boots, bag... well just everything haha... Love to read your story, it was funny :) !!

Dylana said...

I love your leggings so much!

WendyB said...

I hate cold weather! Bundling up in layers is not me. You do have some great boots though.

Frickys said...

These boots are hell whooooot!!!! Especially paired with the killin' leggings.

Fashion Nicotine said...

Nice outfit!
Love the leggins, blazer, boots & nailpolish =D

Fashion By He said...

great outfit, big fan of the boots and tight sweater dress.loooking good

-He approves

Marian said...

honey love those heels! hot. the nail colour is yummy too

(always)alanna said...

love the boots; and adorable baggg!
love your blog!

Denise said...

amazing tights and boots!

i can't wait to do this tag. Thank you so much. Love it!

Nerdic.. said...

Cute boots dear! Lovely.
X, fashionnerdic.

Iva said...

nice boots! ;)

Enchanted Gardens said...

must agree with dirty hair halo, i too wouldn't skip to pics on your blog. and also hate hate hate dressing in winter (especially in the freaking freezing morning in my house)and transformation into a walking mass of clothes. you just said it better than me :)

oh, and yes that's my dog. enormous bundle of joy :)


OH my!
You look gorgeous, I love your boots and your body is amazing!!!
fab fab fab!

My World said...

I seem to be wearing too much of grey maself lately......
Love your combination thou!

deep_in_vogue said...

Oh.. how I long for 38 degrees.. You look beautiful!