Friday, 13 November 2009

Leaf Your Life

Like every Friday after work, I'm unbelievably tired, but there are a couple of things I'm never too tired to do; blogging is one of them and shopping (for clothes and cosmetics of course, who gives a fuck about food and stuff? :D) is another. So I thought I'd hit the shops right after work, but then I had one of those rare moments of sanity and decided to go straight home. As I was sitting in my car waiting for the traffic light to turn green, I noticed some beautiful falling leaves that had already turned to all shades of yellowish and brownish, just dancing in the wind. For a moment there, it felt almost like I actually liked autumn ...

All the colours are changing
Autumn is here ... *

Self-photoshoots in the elevator really suck. However, just writing a description of what I wore instead of posting actual photos sucks much, much more so just bear with me, please!

notice the dirty tip of the heel (due to walking through muddy grass like a crazy person to get a better shot of the freakin leaves)

P.S. Here's another one, if there are any fellow Koop fans out there:
Strange Love

P.P.S. Oooh, almost forgot, Roisin's new song Orally Fixated is out!
(if I could raid one person's closet, it would be hers fo' sho)


Ane Kamilla said...

I love your coat!

Becca. said...

adore your outfit!
and the owl necklace is gorgeous too.
you look amazing!

deep_in_vogue said...

I love fall as well! You look is great, the necklace is such a whimsical piece!

Viva La Fashion said...

your outfit is so cute! :) and i <3 fall, its my favorite season. :)

Mila said...

I really love fall!!
Oh and I want your bag

Nerdic.. said...

Lovely necklace!
X, fashion-nerdic.

FashionJazz said...

Luv ur pics and ur outfit! : )


densy said...

joj to sovo bi pa takoj imela :)

Shannon said...

Typically, I don't read the text on fashion blogs unless I'm trying to figure out where someone bought their clothes. However, I read EVERY SINGLE WORD FROM EVERY SINGLE POST because you make me laugh. I especially liked your rant about bad shoes at the office. Fucking hilarious. You're my new favorite blogger. XO.

nicole said...

thanks for your comments! and I like that you still make an effort to take pics of your outfit. I know it mustn't be easy! I love your owl necklace though :)

Enchanted Gardens said...

You made me so happy with followin my blog, thanks sooo much!
And i love your sarcasm and humour, and that lovely owl.


Denise said...

i just love the layer of your outfits.

the cold here? well it's summer here all year long. hot hot hot summer! But we're blessed with lots of sunshine except when there's typhoon or storm. And it's getting cold here cos of the wind. we don't have snow here. It's a perfect weather, not too cold and not too hot.

have a great day!..
nice to see you in my site.

ill visit you regularly.

I Am Denise Katipunera

Lianne said...

those are beautiful pictures of the autumn leaves! i love the colors of autumn although we don't have that season here in the philippines.

like how you layered your outfit! i wish the weather got cold enough here so i could layer up. only chance i have is when i visit other countries!

Elaine said...

You look awesome!! Love the plaid shirt with the cardi. And yes....autumn is SO beautiful!!!

Shannon said...

Yo, babe.

I took some pictures the other day and as I was editing them I came across a silly spur of the moment one that made me think of you.I just posted it to my blog. Totally dorky, or dare I say... ducky?

katie d said...

you look amaazing! I love tights with shorts. And I loved your last rant post!


por pilar guzmán ebner said...

Your outfit is very nice!! your neckclace is super.

I invite you to visit my blog and follow him. I follow you now =)

kisses from Munchen

Unwritten said...

Awhh, i totally adore the owl-necklace! :)