Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Shoe Hell

While spending endless hours at an IBM (=incredibly boring meeting) today, I found myself staring at my female colleagues' shoes. Oh, the horror! Out of approximately 30 people, there were two nice pairs of flats while everything else was pretty damn boring (or worse): various hybrids of ballerina flats and sneakers (?!), some scary pointy toes and those totally unflattering male (no, not unisex, male - in a bad way) shoes that seem appropriate for chopping wood or some similar outdoor activity. Let the picture speak for itself (I compiled similar styles from all over the web):

just shoet me

Why not wear something office friendly, but not-so-boring and at least a bit feminine at the same time? For example:


By the way, these meetings of ours take place on a monthly basis, so expect a similar post heading your way soon enough ;)


Sweet Chic said...

:D first time I ear about that IBM meaning :D

LOOOOVEEE the shoes

A chic whish

Damsels said...

ugh i hate ugly shoes . they are so offensive
.. iwish i lived in a world of pretty shoes

Eva Internazionale said...


Amanda K said...

Cute post!

monika said...

Hey, great post. I like those blue ballerina flats, where did you find them?