Tuesday, 19 August 2014

The Backpacker

I've been gravitating towards as-simple-as-possible, somewhat androgynous looks these days.
Boyfriend's backpack instead of a bag meets the criteria perfectly.
[ plus, it's really handy for carrying my fruit around :D ]

top: second hand / pants: H&M / backpack: River Island / shoes: Graceland / sunglasses: Komono

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

The Slider

So, this is me succumbing to the slider sandal trend.
The clumsy charm of Birkenstock-type sandals never really appealed to me,
but these are a whole different story. Enthralled with their simplicity (form- and function-wise),
I decided to get a pair (despite their current popularity).

Even with these awkward-ish sandals and an oversized top
(I got this one from a second hand shop for a couple of euros),
I felt quite alluring in this get-up
(while matching this high-slit skirt with heels and a tight top would make me feel tacky).

BTW, yesterday marked this blog's 5th anniversary.
Obviously, I don't get slathered in free designer clothes, attend lavish events,
"design" my own fashion lines, or whatever "high-profile" bloggers do these days,
but guess what? I don't really need any of that.
I do it for the joy of it and that's sufficient for me.

top, bag: no name / skirt: Asos / sandals: London Rebel

Sunday, 3 August 2014

The Sea

"I left my soul there, down by the sea
I lost control here, living free"

Bol on Brac island, Split (Croatia); photos by me and boyfriend