Thursday, 31 July 2014

The Top

Remember Arya Sense?
(See the first installment of our collaboration here.)

I wore their oversized short sleeved black top yesterday
and felt like a superwoman all day long.
Need I say more?

To find out more about Arya Sense and get your own superhero gear,
visit their

top: Arya Sense (gift) / pants: second hand + customized / shoes: no name / bag:

Saturday, 12 July 2014

The Meant-To-Be Bag

This bag and me, we were meant to be ...

I've been admiring the exquisite rubber handbags by (a Croatian brand)
ever since I first stumbled upon them online.
When I finally visited Zagreb again last month,
I couldn't remember the name of the brand nor where their products could be purchased.
I was angry with myself at first for not having done my homework,
but then I told myself: "If it's really meant to be, it will be."
So I relaxed and almost forgot all about the bags.
On my last day in Zagreb, I was walking down the street
when I suddenly noticed a selection of beautiful black and white items in a shop window.
I went in and asked about the bags, describing them to the best of my ability ...
As it turned out, it was their designer I was talking to.
Long story short, it was obviously meant to be.

top, skirt: ASOS / bag: / shoes: Zara / bracelet: unknown

Friday, 4 July 2014

The (Ode To) Fruit

Fruit is beautiful. And delicious. And oh-so-good-for-you.
Stop eating unethical, fattening, disease-promoting crap
and have some fruit instead!